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Why Wedding Planners Are Worth The Cost

Having a planner as a part of your big day is a MUST! From locating your dream venue, managing costs, finding the best entertainment, creating and managing the timeline, and so much more, wedding planners take the stress out of your big day so you can focus on getting down the aisle and having fun! 

During The Planning Process: Wedding Planners…

Save You Time and Money

Securing information on different wedding venues, suppliers, and entertainment can become overwhelming on your own. You can spend 1,000 hours Google searching “Boho-Chic” weddings, but your planner will know exactly what venue, decor and suppliers will help you capture your vision.

Hiring a planner also tends to add money-saving value to your big day. Part of a wedding planner’s job is having connections with local venues and booking agencies. This makes vendors more inclined to please the planner as they have a working relationship. As a result, they may be able to utilize those connections to simplify the planning process and save couples on event costs.

Offer Candid Advice

Although they may not be able to grant every request on your wedding checklist, planners will try their hardest to make your vision come to life. Facilitating discussions on things such as logistics, budgets, rentals, and design will help keep you (and your partner) honest about important event details that may have otherwise been overlooked. If you're making a last-minute change that may cause some wedding day conflicts, a good event planner will be honest and let you know. After all, your planner wants to make the best decisions for your event.

On Your Big Day: Wedding Planners…

Make Your Event Vision A Reality

From fireworks to flowers, wedding planners have seen it all. Whether your event includes DJs, live music or even live band karaoke, planners can help coordinate the best musical entertainment for your celebration. As experts in event planning, they are attentive to detail and strive to make your wedding memorable. Besides helping you narrow down wants and needs, a planner helps to ensure that your big day runs as smoothly as possible.

Coordinate With Vendors

After you have set the menu, selected your entertainment, and scheduled the speeches, the last thing you want is to sweat the small stuff! Your wedding planner arrives early, walking through the venue to check if the floors are swept, the decor is set, and that nothing is out of place! While you are busy getting ready and sipping mimosas, your planner is working behind-the-scenes to ensure that everything is running smoothly. They are making sure that your vendors have arrived on time; triple-checking that nothing is missing; and handling any unexpected issues that may arise.

Lastly… Don’t DIY Your Wedding!

Although friends and family may offer to help plan your wedding, you shouldn’t put that burden on the people you’d want celebrating with you. Your close ones should be on the dance floor with you, not helping seat Aunt Sally on your wedding day! A planner can handle vendor coordination, event design and planning, freeing up time for couples to enjoy their wedding day without worrying about logistical concerns. 

Wedding planners work as designers, crisis managers and event organizers all at once. From putting a budget together, developing a timeline, securing vendors and making sure that every detail runs smoothly, a planner handles a lot of tasks in order to make your wedding unforgettable. With their expertise and experience, wedding planners can allow couples to maximize their budget without sacrificing any fun.

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