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Where to Get Free Dance Lessons in Austin

Everyone loves a night of dancing, but why not elevate your best dance moves with professional lessons? Any type of dance lesson can make for a fun bonding experience with your significant other or friends, get everyone excited for the night, and can teach you some new moves to pull out and impress the next dance floor you encounter! Austin offers a few fun lessons that can be the perfect start to your night out– these are our favorites.

The Highball Motown Monday

Motown Monday with Matchmaker Band at Highball

One of Austin’s longest running dance parties, The Highball hosts Motown Monday with Matchmaker Band every single Monday night. They offer dance lessons before the evening starts, so come learn how to dance at 7:30pm with Go Dance Studio, then put that practice to the test and stay for a night of music, dancing, drinks, and fun with the band!

Broken Spoke

Dance Lessons at Broken Spoke

Offered every week from Wednesday to Saturday 8-9pm, these lessons teach some Western Swing and the Cotton-Eyed Joe, so grab your boots and get there early– they fill up fast! These lessons, taught by Terri White, were actually featured on the hit Netflix show, Queer Eye, so they definitely get tons of attendees and are a great way to meet new people in the Austin area. This one is perfect for a girls night or a date night, and can make for a fun activity to kick off your night out country dancing.

The White Horse

Dance Lessons at The White Horse

Looking to learn how to two-step? Grab your partner (or find one there) and hit The White Horse honky tonk for the best lessons in town. This one is also a great kickoff to your night out given its proximity to the eastside bar district– stay for live music, shoot some pool, and enjoy a true Texas honky tonk. These two-stepping lessons, taught by Beth Coffey, can also be booked for events and weddings, so bring your friends and learn how to two-step!

Whether you’re looking for a line dance lesson with your girls or a two-step lesson with your date, we hope one of these helps you cut loose and makes your night out one to remember! If you’re looking to join us for Motown Monday, click here for more information– we would love to dance with you!

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