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Wedding Songs That Are Making A Comeback: Modern Throw-Back Classics

Matchmaker Band has all of our couples select their top 10 favorite songs and bottom 10 least-favorite songs when they book us. This helps us customize a wedding playlist that we know you will love, while also allowing us the flexibility to keep in the essential dance hits we know will keep the dance floor packed.

With each new decade, there are songs that we have all missed over the last 10 years and songs that we are all more than fine with not hearing for the next 10 years. For the latter, it can be hard to gage when those songs are ready for their big comeback, and couples can get nervous trying them out on their wedding night. Here are the modern throw-back classics that have been bringing major fun to the dance floor in this new ‘20s decade:

1. “Forget You” by Ceelo Green -- We all remember the lyric youtube video that circulated the interwebs when youtube was our main source of finding our new favorite jams. You probably had a friend of two post this song on your Facebook wall at some point, back when that was a thing. We had actually played this bop back when it first dropped, believe it or not. And then, after a few years of this being played out, we put it in our back pocket and saved it as an “as-requested” song only. Well now, 11 years later, “Forget You” is having a total moment. As soon as that signature piano intro starts to play, guests have been running to the dance floor. Everyone knows all of the words, PG and not-so-PG, and they just love to sing it. As long as it’s not in your do-not-plays, this is a modern throwback we will be keeping in rotation.

2. “Hey Ya” by OutKast -- I can’t tell you how old it makes us feel to know that “Hey Ya” is now a throwback, but 17 years later, this song is another guaranteed dance floor success. Similar to the bridge in “Forget You,” “Hey Ya” has a lot of fun crowd engagement moments and all of the fellas LOVE to shout “ice cold” when it’s their time. There are so many fun things going on, and everyone seems to know their own favorite part of the song (to all my Beyonces and Lucy Lius), AND have their own original choreography moves from some unofficial middle school/high school dance routine - their own special way to “shake it like a polaroid picture.” If this song doesn’t make your do-not-play list, we 10 out of 10 recommend moving it to your must-plays.

3. “I Want It That Way” by The Backstreet Boys -- Some couples mistakenly move this song to their do-not-plays because they worry about it being too slow. If you only choose one of these modern throw-back classics, let it be “I Want It That Way.” We promise you this will be one of the most epic moments of the night. If you don’t believe us, just know that probably 7 out of 10 of the photographs you see with microphones in the hands of guests who look like they are screaming at the top of their lungs are photos taken when that guest is singing the “don’t wanna hear you!” line from “I Want It That Way.” This song is not to be missed on your big night!

4. “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan -- The oldest modern throwback on our list today, is Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.” This gem is 26 years old, if you can believe it! But somehow, everyone still knows it. Your cousins in high school, your best friends, your dad - everyone. This song has somehow stood the test of time and the dance floor proves that everytime it starts to play. It’s a fun song to have live from the band because it’s a deviation from the usual Matchmaker Band style. It’s a great way to open up the dance floor again during that last dance set, when people are really ready to “tip up their cups” and “throw their hands up.”

5. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams -- We played and played and played this song for the better part of 2013-2014, and then we buried it far, far away… until NOW. We didn’t know how long it would take for “Happy” to come back, but it is definitely back full force. We have seen this one on the must-play list more often than not these days, and everyone still knows it by heart. Plus, for as much as it was played out, this song really does just make you want to clap along and dance. It is one of the happiest sounding songs of all time, and it is finally ready to resurface and become a classic for life. No judgment if it’s still on your do-not-plays after years of hearing it all day on every single radio station. But, do yourself a favor, and throw it on your Spotify mix the next time you’re cruising around. You might be surprised at how much you still love it after all these years without it.

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