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After performing at thousands of weddings for more than a decade, our team has learned that the do’s and don’ts of turning your celebration into a party are consistent and timeless. Here are our “secrets”:

1) Lighting

What was true for your middle school homecoming dance is still true today — dark lighting makes everyone feel better about his or her dance moves. Some venues, rooms or spaces have built-in lighting that makes the room super bright. The more dim or dark we can get the venue’s lights, the better. Dim overhead lighting will accomplish two important things — a) it will allow the stage lighting from the band to create a party atmosphere and b) as we mentioned before, most people want as little attention as possible when busting their moves. Don’t worry, we will still find your greatest and funniest dancers as well as your grandma who loves every moment and bring them to the spotlight.

2) Positioning  Of  The  Bar

This may not shock you, but there is a direct correlation between alcohol and a great dance party. Most guests need a drink to loosen up and break the party seal (remember party secret #1 - where your guests don’t even want to dance with the lights on!). Once everyone is a little more relaxed, the real party begins. If the bar is in the other room or far away from the dance floor, guests end up congregating close to the bar and not making it back to the dance floor. The bar and the dancing end up being in competition AGAINST each other, when they are really MADE for each other.

3) Make  The  Dance  Floor  The  Focus

Things like fire pits, cigar-rolling stations, photo booths, etc. can absolutely kill the dance floor if your guests have to leave the dance area or ballroom to go participate in those activities. Guests will end up getting stuck at those other locations for 30-45mins at a time and completely miss the party. Try planning some of these activities during cocktail hour and/or keeping the photo booth near the dance floor.

4) Don’t  Forget  To  Dance

You two, the newlyweds, are the sole focus of the day, the VIPs of the evening! If you’re on the dance floor, or at least near it, that’s where your guests will be. If you’re in the hallway or at the back of the room, that’s where your guests will be. Don’t go far! This party is for YOU! Dim the lights, grab a drink, bust a move, and ENJOY IT!

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