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Music is a very important part of weddings - there's no doubt about that. If you've been reviewing your music choices, you'll surely know that there are a lot of decisions to be made. But have no fear - today, we're bringing you some of our best tips for picking the right songs for your wedding.


First Dance

There will be many songs played throughout your reception but perhaps the most important will be the first dance. Many couples have a song that is specifically “theirs,” which makes this a rather easy choice. But for those who are a little unsure of what type of music to choose, make sure to focus on a song that represents you and your new partner. If you’re a country couple, choose a fun, western love song. If you’re more of the peppy pair, a lively pop hit may be the song for you. Whatever you choose, your first dance should be a reflection of your personalities!

Music For Everyone

Most likely, your wedding will include guests of all ages. To ensure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable dancing on the dance floor, you'll want to choose some songs that are recognizable and appropriate for everyone. A playlist full of hardcore rap music or headbanging metal is a surefire way to have a sparse turnout on the dance floor and guests may leave early (unless that's their thing, of course!). Choose music that is relateable and fun that gets all of your guests up and moving, including everyone from your college roommate to your great-aunt!

Do Not Play List

Regardless of how open you are with your music selection, you may also want to write up a "do not play" list of songs that have no part being in your wedding. Be sure to include your partner on this list, as you'll be able to ensure that both of you are happy with the night's music. Hate the Chicken Dance? Does the Macarena make your skin crawl? Make sure to let your band know your preferences ahead of time. Remember, you should be dancing on your wedding night - not cringing!

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