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People love to dance – there’s no question about that. But how do you keep people on their feet all night long?  We like to consider ourselves experts at keeping the party going and nothing satisfies us more than a room full of guests leaving a wedding with sore feet and ear-to-ear smiles.

What’s our secret? Non-stop music! We like to start off with a song that lets everyone know that they’re about to have a night to remember. The night’s playlist should be pre-established (with the couple’s approval, of course) and the group must know it well for flawless transitions.

Emceeing is another opportunity to get some laughs in! Every party loves a good emcee, so be ready to entertain the crowd with your favorite one-liners (well, maybe).

Although we take breaks (we have to eat too!), we always provide an expert DJ who steps up to “fill in the blanks” with great tunes so the party doesn’t miss a beat!


Finally, don't be afraid to get down and dirty! We like to join the crowd and perform with them rather than for them. It's guaranteed to get people amped up!

Want to find out more about the Matchmaker Band experience? Give us a ring - we'd love to work with you!

Matchmaker Band is a 10-piece band based in Austin, Texas. The band's four unique vocalists and a solid rhythm section make Matchmaker Band a crowd favorite, with a reputation as #1 Motown-Funk-Soul Wedding Band in Austin. Fueled by their love of music and a fun team dynamic, Matchmaker Band is available for travel throughout the US and beyond.


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