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For those who are not familiar with the vocal adrenaline that is Matchmaker Band, allow us to introduce ourselves! We are Matchmaker Band, a 10-piece band that brings the gusto with our funky Motown sound. 

It all started in 2008 when Matchmaker owners, vocalist Jerry Wise and guitarist Amos Traystman, came together in Austin with a passion for music and a desire for something more. From there, Matchmaker Band has exploded into an award-winning, highly sought-after band that specializes in events of all sizes! Our four vocalists--Megan, Ange, Jerry, and Demetrius (better known as D-Soul!)--bring a unique blend of sounds guaranteed to get you moving on your feet.

The rest of our team is just as funk-certified: with Eric on the bass, Dave on the trumpet, Gil on the sax, Dan on the keyboard, and Drew on the drums, we are experts on keeping the party going all night long!

Matchmaker Band is a 10-piece band based in Austin, Texas. The band's four unique vocalists and a solid rhythm section make Matchmaker Band a crowd favorite, with a reputation as #1 Motown-Funk-Soul Wedding Band in Austin. Fueled by their love of music and a fun team dynamic, Matchmaker Band is available for travel throughout the US and beyond. 


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