Matchmaker Band and it’s production crew are committed to bringing you the best possible show! The requirements that follow ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently while keeping safety a top priority. Failure to provide some of these requirements may result in the band’s inability to perform without refund. Please feel free to call and discuss anything you don’t understand or agree with.



Matchmaker Band doesn’t require a stage to perform, but if a stage is provided, the ideal dimensions are 16’ (feet) deep by 24’ (feet) wide. We realize that there are certain venues where space is limited. In these instances, the minimum stage size that the band can fit on is 12’ (feet) deep by 16’ (feet) wide. The stage should be free of gaps, holes and uneven surfaces. If the stage is higher than 1’ (foot), the band will need stable stairs attached to the stage.

If the performance is held outdoors, the stage must be covered. The sun during the afternoon load-in hours can overheat equipment and rain during the performance will damage equipment and heighten the risk of electrocution. Stage cover should adequately protect the stage from the outside elements. In the rare event that a cover cannot be provided, a temporary tent will suffice until the sun goes down and a rain plan must be ready to implement. 



Our production crew needs 3 hours to load-in and set up. They are typically done loading in after 1 hour at which point they can remove their vehicle (truck/trailer) and park elsewhere. Matchmaker Band doesn’t require a sound check so you don’t have to worry about loud noises :)

After the event, the crew needs 1 hours to tear down and load-out. If you need the production crew to load in or out in less time, additional fees may be added for extra hands.

IMPORTANT! Make sure to coordinate load-in and load-out times for all your vendors. The production crew needs to be able move in and out quickly without hinderance. The stage should be setup before they arrive and any stage decor should be completed. Delays could jeopardize the setup time and/or performance time.



Provisions for free or validated parking for the band vehicles (not to exceed 8). For events further than 2hrs away from our home base in Austin, TX, the band will most likely arrive in one (1) large passenger vehicle. 





For sound, lights and musical gear, the band requires three (3) separate 20-amp circuits for audiences up to 500 people.



The band will need a private room when they arrive. This room is for band members to eat, change clothes, and rest during breaks. Please make sure to include a table and 12 chairs along with at least one (1) electrical outlet and a mirror. If the room is being used by guests or vendors prior the band arrival, please make sure it’s adequately cleaned.



13 hot nutritious meals to be provided 1hr prior to start time. Meal should consist of meat, fish or chicken, starch and vegetable. Please provide utensils, plates, cups and napkins.

Alternatively, the purchaser may provide a twenty dollar ($20) x 12 person’s buyout. This can be arranged beforehand and added to the final payment. 


One 24-pack of bottled water (room temperature) to be provided before band arrival. 


Lastly, if you want to provide any coffee or snacks in the greenroom, the band would love it.  Not required but definitely appreciated!